What is Shaolin Kung Fu?

Shaolin Kung Fu is a classical form of Chinese martial arts. It is originated from the famous Shaolin Monastery, situated on Song Mountain in China’s Henan province. The Monastery was founded in 495 CE by the Buddhist monk, Batuo during the imperial reign of Emperor Xiao Wen Di of the Northern Wei Dynasty. The temple was initially built for religious studies. Around 527 CE, the Buddhist monk and Indian prince, Bodhidharma arrived and taught the Shaolin monks a series of meditative and external exercises. The environmental surroundings at the Shaolin Monastery were among the most scenic and tranquil in China. Thus, these conditions were ideal for Kung Fu practice, free from distractions. These were also during times of unstable and violent ruling upheaval. Equipped with the new skills, the monks were able to protect and defend themselves from many outside invasions and threats. From here, they became known as the fighting Shaolin monks. Shaolin Kung Fu evolved to become one of the most profound martial arts exhibiting strength, flexibility, precision, and positive, healthy spiritual growth.

U.S. Shaolin Kung Fu is a training school located in Oakland’s Chinatown. We are proud to share the rich history, culture, and art of Shaolin Kung Fu with you. Our work has been committed to help each student achieve their objectives and obtain the maximum benefits of their Kung Fu training. We strive to lead students in attaining some of the most predominant advantages of Kung Fu.

Kung Fu emphasizes values such as respect for teachers and elders, self-motivation, righteousness, integrity, and courage. Qualities like perseverance, endurance, and calm mental acuity are prerequisites for improvement and advancement in any field. In perfecting a Kung Fu technique or any other task, calls for discipline and unfailing dedication. Establishing confidence encourages one to make the first step and take action in face of challenges and obstacles. All these skills acquired through Kung Fu training are indeed applicable to ones daily life.

One of the great benefits of Kung Fu is health and well-being. Practicing Kung Fu promotes good health, strengthens bodies, and expands minds. A healthy body constitutes much more than just being free from illnesses. It is the capacity to perform work energetically and consistently, to endure hard work without frequent physical weakness, and to withstand challenging conditions for some time without feeling mental fatigue. At the emotional level, studying Kung Fu heightens ones awareness, increases the understanding of oneself and one’s surroundings, and reduce tension and anxiety. Furthermore, Kung Fu helps to provide increased longevity and serenity. Ultimately, studying Kung Fu promotes the totality of one’s well-being in various daily aspects of one’s life.

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