Classes comprise of routine drills, basic exercises, emphasis on coordination, and developmental games. Fundamental Shaolin forms, stances, and positions are practiced to pave a solid foundation for more advanced work. These generally incorporate the utilization and practice of memory skills, pattering/sequencing, and simple analysis. Classical Kung Fu weapon forms are also taught. Such traditional weapons are an integral part of Shaolin Kung Fu and reflect the Chinese culture’s arts and history. Our class structure provides an opportunity for children to develop and learn physically, emotionally, individually, and socially. U.S. Shaolin Kung Fu’s curriculum is designed to be physically healthy, mentally stimulating, culturally enriching, and of course, fun. Students are encouraged to be active participants and leaders so that they may succeed in the classroom, personal/social relationships, and real world.


The adult curriculum involves foundational forms, stretches, jumps, and a series of structured, Shaolin-based exercises. These basics are crucial for any student wishing to advance in training. Self-Defense is another component, incorporating various techiniques from sparring, kick-boxing, and grappling. Fitness is also worked on, as it has been found to help with weight loss, speed, coordination, flexibility, and an overall healthy state. Traditional weapons are also practiced. Instructors walk students through each step of weapon forms, explaining its concepts and demonstrating its uses and relative applications. Classes are set in a relaxing and supportive learning environment. U.S. Shaolin Kung Fu’s curriculum provides an excellent way to effectively unwind yourselves whether from stresses of academic studies, tiring work days, or the busy demands of your schedule. We welcome individuals of all age ranges, backgrounds, and experiences. One of our goals is to lead students to appreciate and enjoy the art of Shaolin Kung Fu and to become competent Kung Fu practitioners.


One of the most unique features of Shaolin Kung Fu is its weaponry. Kung Fu presents a wide range of elaborate and interesting weapons that offers the art an even more distinct flavor. Such ancient weapons include various types of staffs, swords, spears, daggers, etc. U.S. Shaolin Kung Fu incorporates a selection of classical weapons in its Kung Fu curriculum. Individual weapon training is also available.


The Lion Dance is an elaborate and significant aspect of the Chinese culture. The lion is a symbolic guardian being that chases away evil and in return bring good luck and fortune to all. The presence of the lion brings much joy and festivity to any occasion.


U.S. Shaolin Kung Fu holds special seminars and workshops throughout the course of the year (Double Nunchaks, Self-Defense for Women, Drunken Fist, Nine-Section Whip Chain etc.).


Private lessons are available to meet student’s specific goals and needs. Meet with instructors for additional information.


Our studio is available for that very special occasion of yours. Birthday parties, holiday gatherings, school/class functions, etc. are welcomed. Make your occasion another memorable one!

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