Master Larry Li

  • * Began Kung Fu training at age 8
  • * 32th generation disciple of the Shaolin Temple in Henan, China
  • * Honored to have trained under the guidance of venerable Kung Fu Master, Wong Lei of Henan, China
  • * Specialties include the nine-sections whip chain and the Dei-Tong Fist
  • * Trained some of the most talented and remarkable men and women in China, Singapore, and U.S. (Florida & California). Many of these professional athletes have advanced to compete in recognized tournaments nationally and worldwide.
  • * A national Wushu team member in many overseas exchange and performance tours including Canada and DisneyWorld.


Master Guo Chuan Zhe

  • * Began kung fu training at the age of 11
  • * Selected to be a National Referee and Coach for the Shaolin Temple Martial Arts Group
  • * Received First-place for the All-Around Championships in the 2004, 2005, 2006 Henan Wushu Competitions
  • * Recipient of the Grand Performance Award for the 2007 Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Demonstration
  • * Received First-Place for Shaolin Boxing in the National Wushu Men Championship in July 2008
  • * Invited as a special guest to participate in the Inaugural Putian, Fujian Shaolin Wushu Festival
  • * Received the Best Performance Award for the Henan Martial Arts Program in May 2009


Master Xu Qing Chen

  • * 34th generation Shaolin Temple Disciple (Shi Yan Chen)
  • * Received First-place in Long Fist (Youth Group) for the 2000 Kai Feng Festival
  • * Received First-place at the 2002 International ZhengZhou Youth Wushu Championship in the Shaolin Forms
  • * Received Second-place at the 2003 Henan Province Youth Wushu Tournament for Long Weapon Forms
  • * Received First-place in Shaolin Broadsword for the 2004 Hebei Province National Championship
  • * Received First-place in Wushu Spear for the 5th Annual Pu Yang Martial Arts Competition in 2005
  • * Received First-place in the All-Around Championship for the 2007 Deng Feng Kung Fu Championship
  • * Participated in World Shaolin Kung Fu Tours in Korea, Japan, and Turkey in 2008


  • Tyra Co

  • Anthony Wong

  • Ben Wong

  • Derek Kwong

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